Ministry Leadership

Chris Zion Mindi

Lead Pastor

Chris zion Mindi, born and raised in Vizag, India. He grew up in a Pastor's family and was not very keen on going into full time ministry after watching how difficult ministry can be. After finishing his undergrad in computer science, he worked for a tech company for two years. However, the Lord had different plans for him. He soon began to question life's purpose as he watched thousands of young people work tirelessly yet without any end goal. This led him to seek God more seriously and eventually pursue vocational ministry.

In 2015, he came to the US to pursue his Masters in theology at Baptist Missionary Association of Texas Semianry in Jacksonville, Texas. The Missions department encourgaed him to consider church planting in 2017. After much prayer, he was mentored and trained while parallely pursuing his Master of Divinty program. He met his wife, Sarah in Chicago and got married in 2019. They have been living in Austin since then. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ivana. He loves shooting and experimenting with food. 

Jesse Hales


Jesse and Rebecca graduated high school together in Arkansas after which Jesse moved to Indiana for Bible College. He pastored churches in Indiana and South Carolina before moving to Haiti as a missionary where the two were able to reconnect through long distance while Rebecca finished her post graduate studies in pediatric nursing in Atlanta. After they were married they lived in Joplin, Missouri where Jesse worked as disaster relief coordinator.They moved from there to minister as missionaries in the Dominican Republic by way of one year in Costa Rica for language studies.They lived in the DR for 5 years before moving to Round Rock to help start Anchor Austin.They love exploring the outdoors with their 3 children, having friends over to share a meal together and traveling.